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Predictably Irrational

“We usually think of ourselves as sitting the driver's seat, with ultimate control over the decisions we made and the direction our life takes; but, alas, this perception has more to do with our desires-with how we want to view ourselves-than with reality.”

The book shows how humans are not only irrational in decision-making, but also how this irrationality follows a pattern, making us somewhat predictable.


1. We need comparison to be able to make sense of the world, comparing options, people, views. Relativity trumps absolute.

2. We are likely to cheat if we have the opportunity and we can post-rationalize the decision.

3. External deadlines works best to beat procrastination, a lot more than self-imposed deadlines.

READ IF: You are curious to learn more about how the human mind works when it comes to decision making, and what trumps logic most of the time.


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