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Productivity Ninja

“Put simply, skilful attention management is the new key to productivity, and how well you protect and use your attention determines your success.”

SUMMARY: This book provides a refreshing, insightful, and actionable take on productivity in a modern context of smart phone distractions and other tech advancements. It contains strategic guidance as well as tools to implement them.


1. Develop self-awareness of your productivity habits, boundaries, and distraction vulnerabilities to improve your efficiency.

2. Cultivate the conditions you need to improve the quality of your attention – the attention you put into your time determines the extent to which you think, plan, and do with clarity, purpose, and peace of mind.

3. Reduce stress by (a) building clear strategy – clarity leads to good, quick decisions and tactical task management, and (b) completing what you start – schedule things smartly into time and quality of attention that can produce a conclusion, leaving no stressful loose ends.

READ IF: You are interested in self-development, achievement, and productivity. Read if you would like to create optimum results from your efforts.


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