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Rise - Start Living The Life...

“Rise is about placing you firmly in the driver’s seat of your life, guided by an internal satnav, so that you know precisely where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who and what you want to become on the journey.”

SUMMARY: This book helps you to recognize, imagine, design, and go for your ideal dream life. It is inspirational as well as practical with many tools to get you going on your path to success.


1. You will learn to take back your power, and you will be empowered with the confidence to design your own life path.

2. You will learn practical tools and processes to implement that will help you live your authentic and successful life.

3. You will learn how to map out the path for a future that you will be proud of.

READ IF: You need to get unstuck and start taking action towards your best life. Read if you feel like you are living somebody else’s life, or not being true to yourself.


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