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Search Inside Yourself

“The key is to let go of two things: grasping and aversion. Grasping is when the mind desperately holds on to something and refuses to let it go. Aversion is when the mind desperately keeps something away and refuses to let it come." The book is the legacy of the author, who was one of Google's first engineers, that has turned into a course and an institute helping thousands of people finding their path to mindfulness. KEY TAKEAWAYS:

1) Mindfulness can help anyone achieve greater emotional intelligence (which includes self-awareness and self-regulation, just to name the most important elements), which is critical yet often underrated at the workplace.

2) Meditation plays a key role in improving self-awareness and self-regulation. Even just 5mins a day can make a big impact.

3) Happiness at work can come from 3 places: pleasure, passion and purpose. Leaders should focus on creating the latter in their organizations.

READ IF: You want to better understand how to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day and what positive impact it can have on the quality your life.


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