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Shortcut Your Startup

"Time is your scarcest resource. Intense competition is the key reason why time is your scarcest resource. We can almost guarantee that if you've observed a market need, others have noticed it as well. As all entrepreneurs know, the faster and more efficiently you can get up and running and the quicker you can get your product or service to market, the more you can learn about your customers and their needs and the higher your odds of success." .

SUMMARY: The book is a practical handbook written by early investors of successful startups such as Lyft, Pinterest and SpaceX, who share their learnings and insights about what will most likely make a company thrive or fail.

REVIEW: This is a great and holistic guide to building your business and an iconic consumer brand. What makes all the advice credible is that the authors not only invested in successful businesses, but have also helped them to grow. There are insightful examples of counterintuitive strategies from the likes of Airbnb, Uber and Facebook that open up a different path as an option. From initial idea to exit, these startup shortcuts offer an unusual route to success.

READ IF: You have a startup, especially if it is in the consumer products category, and are looking for tried-and-tested strategies to grow your business. .


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