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Start Now. Get Perfect Later

“Have a clear wall of defence between you and your work. The world can judge your work, but that does not define who you are. You are capable of decisiveness, clarity and greatness.”

SUMMARY: The book, by best-selling author of Life Leverage and Money, inspires you to leave procrastination in the past and to take swift action in the present.


1. If you know what you really want to do – if you have an innovative concept or big clear vision, don’t delay starting.

2. Things do not automatically become perfect, but the first step to getting there is to actually start – this will give you the practise to become better.

3. Perfection does remain the enemy of progress as a fear of being imperfect can sabotage plans before they’ve even begin – the antidote is to take a clear decision and take the first step of action, as well as to create a distance between your self-worth and the work you produce.

READ IF: Read if you have a problem with procrastination or perfectionism. Read if you need inspiration to take action and start your business, start any other venture, or make a change.


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