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Talent Delusion

"In a recent global survey of over 1,000 board members, fewer than 20 per cent of respondents said their companies were doing a good job attracting, hiring, developing, rewarding, retaining, or firing talent, or aligning talent management practises with their business strategies"

SUMMARY: The book explains how to use the data available from modern psychology to make more informed and accurate decisions in all phases of recruitment and employment. .

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn how to apply psychological data to your employment process from start to finish, and very importantly in the middle which involves management and motivation of staff. You will learn how to use data to evaluate and assess HR plans and processes including selection, dismissal, appraisal, and staff retention. You will get guidance on how to reliably measure and manage different types of personalities. You will be able to pre-empt personality and behaviour driven problems, and you’ll also be able to more accurately identify potential to groom the right people into the right positions. You will realize the value of using a reliable data approach in recruitment and human resource management. You will learn about the costs or consequences of recruiting intuitively, and you’ll understand the benefits of a data-driven method.


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