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Thank You For Being Late Book

“When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you press the pause button on human beings they start. They start to reflect, you start to rethink your assumptions, you start to reimagine what is possible and, most importantly, you start to reconnect with."

The book offers an alternative to being busy and distracted all the time, running from one thing to another and filling our days with "stuff". It encourages carving out time for pausing and reflecting.


1) Technology is everywhere in our lives and can easily make us disconnected from ourselves and each other.

2) We need to learn to be deliberate with the technology we have and selective of the information we consume.

3) Consciously carving out time for reflection, whether it is meditation or a walk, is the best time investment you can make in your day.

READ IF: You want to feel more in control of your media consumption and intentional about your interactions with others.


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