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The 4 Day Week

"The five-day week is a nineteenth-century construct that is not fit for purpose in the twenty-first century"

The book offers a new way of working; instead of working for 5 days, reducing the workweek to just 4 days improves not only employee morale, overall health and happiness but also productivity at the individual and team level.


1) Even though it might sound counterintuitive at first, taking away 1 working day has actually proven to increase productivity.

2) The transition takes a lot of coordination and communication, in order to successfully move everyone to the new model within an organization.

3) One of the biggest pitfalls is when organizations treat the 5th day as an extra day off. The concept isn't about just reducing the number of workdays, but about focusing efforts in a way that produces more and better outputs in 4 days.

READ IF: You are keen to explore a non-conventional concept for inreased productivity in your organization.


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