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The airbnb Story

“There was some irony in the fact that we were at a hotel, and not just any hotel: this was the exact venue that hosted the international design conference in 2007 that had maxed out San Francisco’s hotel supply and had given Chesky and his cofounder Joe Gebbia their goofy idea to rent out air mattresses on the floor of their three-bedroom apartment in the South of Market district.”

SUMMARY: This book is an exciting and inspiring telling of the story of Airbnb’s entrepreneurial start and rise to disrupting a massive industry.


1. You will learn the inspiration behind these regular guys’ coming up with a brilliant idea, and you will hear about how their innovative concept was rejected.

2. You will learn the story of how Airbnb globally disrupted the hotel industry.

3. You will learn about the experiences and insights of a truly entrepreneurial team navigating a new path.

READ IF: You are an entrepreneur looking for insight from disruptive legends who are ordinary people with the drive to bring their crazy ideas into reality.


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