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The Art Of The Start

"Positioning should be about what you do for your customers - not about what you want to become."

The book is a great inspiration for anyone who is playing with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and is maybe unsure of where and how to start. The premise is that before you work on anything else, having a solid business plan, a strategy for building your brand and an approach to hiring the best people is a must.


1. Don't focus on making money from they one. Have a purpose and create value, the money will come.

2. Being clear on your key milestones, assumptions and tasks is critical before you begin the hustle.

3. Even if you think it is too early for a business plan and there are too many unknowns, just build one. You can evolve it later.

READ IF: You could use a practical guide on how to start a business, regardless of what industry you are in.


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