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The Art Of Work

"I used to think that your calling was about doing something good in this world. Now I understand it's about becoming someone good - and letting that goodness impact the world around you."

This book helps you discover what you are meant to do on this planet by connecting your passions to various ways in which you can make a difference in the world and therefore create a legacy.


1. Think through all the life-altering events in your life, and why they have been so impactful. This exercise can help you find your calling. Make a list of all major events in your life to find your calling.

2. The idea of "self-made" is misleading, there is really no such thing, and there neither is "overnight-success".

3. Don't put pressure on yourself by trying to find that ONE thing that gives you meaning. It might be a combination of various jobs and activities that will work for you.

READ IF: You frequently ask yourself "Is there more to life?" and are looking to bring more meaning into your day-to-day.


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