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The Bullet Journal Method

“The Bullet Journal method’s mission is to help us become mindful about how we spend our two most valuable resources in life: our time and our energy.”

SUMMARY: This book teaches you how to mindfully and systematically take charge of your goals and activities in your business and personal life – largely by learning how to focus on what matters to you.


1. You will learn how to systematically record your insights, thoughts, and lessons from the past.

2. You will learn to have the presence of mind to confidently work on your to-do list and to ensure that your to-do’s are linked to meaningful pursuits.

3. You will learn a practical goal-setting method including how to drill down to setting the tasks that need to be done to achieve your goals.

READ IF: You’re interested in self-development and want meaningful systems to bring awareness, clarity, and structure to your personal life, work, or business.


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