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The Digital Playbook

“Increasingly, our competitive assets may no longer reside in our own organization; rather, they may be in a network of partners that we bring together in looser business relationships.”

SUMMARY: The book is a comprehensive guide on how traditional pre-internet businesses can step up and engage fully in a digital economy. Based on 10 years of research and the author’s extensive experience teaching at Columbia Business School as well as consulting internationally, the book offers expert evidence-based advice to pre-internet businesses on strategic shifts needed to succeed in the digital age.


1. The digital upgrade is largely about a business mindset shift in strategic thinking as taught here through rich use of case studies – including the likes of Google and the New York Times – that give context to the strategic thinking lessons.

2. The digital era makes it necessary to revisit the underlying strategic areas of the value proposition, customer segmentation, competition, data, and innovation.

3. You will learn practical process to build shortened cycles of experiments and disruptor business strategy into the historic company culture and framework.

READ IF: You are a business leader in a pre-internet or traditional business who realizes the upgrade to digital platforms is a must.


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