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The First 90 Days

“Mission is about what will be achieved, vision is about why people should feel motivated to perform at a high level, and strategy is about how resources should be allocated and decisions made to accomplish the mission.”

SUMMARY: The book is a roadmap for taking charge quickly and effectively during critical career transition periods - whether you are a first-time manager, a mid-career professional on your way up, or a new CEO.

REVIEW: The new edition of this global bestseller looks at the most important steps you need to take - when you enter a new position, a new company or set up your own firm - that will help you get to the "breakeven point" , the point where the new job / company needs you as much as you need it. The book guides you through these step so that you can get to your breakeven point as efficiently and effectively as possible.

READ IF: You are about to make a large career and leadership transition whether that is about starting your own company or taking on an important role.


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