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The Five Principles of Performance Thinking

“The individuals, teams and businesses that are most successful in the modern world are the ones that are putting on a performance, in the fullest sense of the word. The ones that are focused on their audience and are delighting their audience with everything they do.”

SUMMARY: The book draws on artistic performance excellence to teach business performance excellence. It highlights the importance of creativity and engagement in business. And it teaches how to innovate, how to create worthy performances, and how to engage with customers.


1. “Adopt the Artistic Mindset” – Innovation leads to higher quality and superior performance, so as much as systems are important, they do not equal to a great business until you add a creative mindset.

2. “Build Connected Ensembles” – How colleagues relate to each other is an indication of a business of excellence because true collaboration leads to a multiplied effect.

3. “Create Compelling Narrative” by telling your story with feeling and purpose which people remember, and “Rehearse Creatively” to ensure an effortless performance where you’re totally engaged with your customers.

READ IF: You would like to reach excellence or mastery as an individual, business leader, entrepreneur, or employee.


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