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The Intrapreneur

“Over the past three decades, my generation created the enormous machines we call multinational corporations. Today, over half of the largest economies in the world are global businesses – controlled by the few, impacting the many. Business has the power to change the world. But that will first require a profound change in the world of business.”

SUMMARY: The book encourages social activists inside powerful organizations to make a positive change while taking care of their well-being in an overwhelming modern business culture. It's a striking and empowering book that openly shares story of one man’s herculean effort to make a social impact in the profit-driven world.


1. One person can have influence in a business. Individual business leaders and employees can foster social justice and social impact even inside the most purely profit-based businesses. Passionate people inside organizations can make a massive positive change in these organizations.

2. A modern-day social activist often works in a business context as much of society is controlled or influenced by business.

3. There is a link between personal well-being, mental illness, and passionate social activism. If activist minded people are not careful to manage well-being, they can be pushed close to the edge.

READ IF: You are looking for ways to contribute to a fairer world. Read if you are a passionate business leader who wants to make a difference while maintaining your sense of balance.


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