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The Introvert Entrepreneur

“The reality is that introversion inherently has nothing to do with social skills and everything to do with how a person gains or drains energy, processes information, and relates to the world.”

SUMMARY: The book unpacks the healthy overlap between introversion and entrepreneurship as well as business success. It has practical lessons for introverts to go all into business without compromising their needs as an introvert.

TAKEAWAYS: You will learn that introverts make for excellent entrepreneurs and business people when they are armed with the information and evidence that breaks down the myth that success has something to do with being extroverted. Explore what it’s like being an introvert in the startup phase. Learn how to scale or grow a business, and understand how to build strong business relationships and a healthy support system in an introvert context. You will get the opportunity to integrate practical lessons through the context and imagery of introverts who are successful entrepreneurs that refuse to compromise their energy, happiness, or integrity.

READ IF: You are an introvert who wants to take your success or performance to the next level. Read if you are an entrepreneur with an introverted personality.


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