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The Messy Middle

"You can get the important stuff right and still lose by not enduring long enough."

The book puts the important intermediate stages of any journey into the spotlight. Starting something is exciting and celebrating the end is fun. We love talking about the starts and finishes, however, not giving enough attention to the middle, the unsexy, long and difficult grind, is a mistake.


1. Don't just have a PlanB, but also a Plan C, Plan D and so on for all the scenarios that can occur. That way, you are always prepared.

2. Taking calculated risks is important, but you need to do it with enough information and plans for when things go wrong. Things will go wrong.

3. Being an entrepreneur is equivalent to being on a rollercoaster. You need to tap into your resilience and determination in order to get through it and succeed.

READ IF: You are working on your business or an important project and feel discouraged, demotivated or drained. We all need a little motivation when things get tough.


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