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The Million Dollar Blog

“I know it probably bothers some people to call blogging an industry at all, but it is. Blogging is a rapidly evolving form of media. It’s a full-time job for thousands of people. It’s a legitimate way for companies (from giant corporations to tiny startups) to advertise their goods and services. Blogging is not only a way to kick-start a career, it is a career. A good one! You know what? I believe it hasn’t even hit its prime. As an industry, blogging is still just a baby.” .

SUMMARY: This book covers everything about blogging including what it is, why bloggers blog, and how to make it all work from start to end as a viable and profitable career choice. The author, Natasha Courtenay Smith, is an entrepreneur and digital strategist. She has broken down the blogging world into bite-size chunks and explained it all with personality and practicality.

TAKEAWAYS: The book offers practical tools and lessons on blogging combined with insights and stories from some world-famous bloggers like the legendary Seth Godin as well as Madeleine Shaw and loads of others. Useful and inspiring interviews with these bloggers bring the practical side of the lessons in the book to life. The lessons include how to create a blogging brand, how to monetize a blog, how to write a blog, and just about everything else you need to know to succeed at your blogging dreams. Whatever your goal is for blogging – to change the world with a worthy cause, or to create a profitable blogging empire, this book will educate and empower you on how to proceed.

READ IF: You have a blog that you’d like to monetize or take to the next level, or if you are an aspiring blogger. Also read, if you are considering out-of-the-box and flexible career options.


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