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The New Rules of Work

"You want work to be a meaningful part of your life. You want to enjoy what you do. You want to feel empowered by your job. You want to make a difference.”

The book explores the modern view of what a career actually means, which is different from what it used to be - the one and only career for most of your working life.


1. The most important thing to understand about your career early on is that nobody cares as much about it as you will, so you'd better take control of your own growth and trajectory.

2. The rules for getting a job and getting ahead have changed. Instead of complaining about it or feeling frustrated, accept the new rules and decide how you are going to play the cards you have been dealt.

3. When you make any career decision, it should be based on your personal career values (e.g. freedom, flexibility, or collaboration) and not on your parents’, your friends’, your boss’ or society’s.

READ IF: You need some advice on how to navigate your career and make your next move.


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