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The No As**ole Rule

“The difference between how a person treats the powerless versus the powerful is as good a measure of human character as I know.”

The book tackles the sensitive topic of having bullies in the workplace and how to handle such behaviour and individuals.


1. Don't just talk about not tolerating toxic behaviour, but actually do something about it, especially if you are a leader. Words are empty unless your actions back them up.

2. Bullies have no place in any organization, regardless of how well they perform. As a leader, it is your responsibility to remove such people.

3. Recognize that we all have the potential to behave like an asshole. Become self-aware of your triggers and control your temperament as and when needed.

READ IF: You are experiencing toxic behaviour in your environment, whether it is directed at you or at others, and need practical advice on how to handle it.


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