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The Tesla Way

“Influenced by smartphones and other new neural appendages, modern consumers have transformed into hyper-connected users whose demand is increasingly geared towards the immaterial world in a search for greater instantaneousness, user friendliness, customization, collaboration, sharing and responsibility. These aspirations, imported from the digital sphere, seriously challenge the industrial (and more broadly, the economic) world.”

SUMMARY: The book is a study of Elon Musk’s strategy with Tesla. It unpacks Tesla’s innovative models, and it provides practical tools on how to embed some of these ‘disruptive’ strategies for success in manufacturing and production.


1. You will learn about Tesla’s innovative business models to understand the key theoretical aspects as well as how to implement these.

2. You will learn about the connection between the manufacturing and digital spaces.

3. You will learn how to improve efficiencies in production and manufacturing, and you will receive supportive resources to practically implement these.

READ IF: You would like to understand and learn from the strategies behind Tesla’s disruptive success. Read if you are a leader or involved in manufacturing and production business. Read if you are an entrepreneur aspiring to disrupt markets.


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