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The Virgin Way

“As some wise person once said, ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal.’ So unless you plan to give it a better shot in your next life – assuming you are lucky enough to get a second chance – then whey risk wasting any of your limited time on this earth doing stuff that doesn’t light your fire?”

SUMMARY: Iconic and loved for his entrepreneurship savvy, his success, and his apparent happiness, Sir Richard Branson shares his guidance and insights in his authentic way.


1. Keep the personal touch and connection with your team, stay personally involved in recruitment decisions, and cultivate listening skills which are a hallmark of a great leader.

2. Doing what you love is the elegant key to keeping yourself in the moment and happy, and taking a shot courageously gives you the chance at success.

3. Authentic good leadership values people and collaboration over position, and moving forward over maintaining the existing.

READ IF: You want inspiration from an experienced, happy, down-to-earth, and super-successful iconic entrepreneur.


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