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Think Like Amazon

“Of course, to think like Amazon is not solely about innovation. All of this is supported by fanatical world-class operations. was the name registered by Bezos for this startup venture, and the web address still goes to Relentless is Amazon’s attitude about operational excellence.”

SUMMARY: This book is a thought-provoking and empowering entrepreneurial guide to digital leadership from Amazon – the best at the game. The book is filled with 50 ideas, but here are 3 of them.


1. Experiment, fail, rinse, repeat: Shorten the cycle of failure, and quickly get back on the bus with the next idea or attempt – i.e. lean startup thinking.

2. Move forward to get back to Day 1: Feed that hungry wolf that drove your startup to make it in the first place – feed it constantly, so that you keep the drive needed to maintain success.

3. Customer experience matters – In the digital world, there is no tolerance for poor customer interface, and this is an area where excellence matters.

READ IF: You are a digital entrepreneur or in a position of influence and leadership in a digital business.


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