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Tiny Habits

“With the Tiny Habits method, you focus on small actions that you can do in less than thirty seconds. You will quickly wire in new habits, and then they will grow naturally. Starting tiny means you can begin creating a big change without worrying about the time involved. With Tiny Habits, I advise people to start with three very small behaviors or even just one.”

SUMMARY: The book makes the compelling case for the power of micro actions. It provides evidence, context from the author’s own story, and practical guidance on how to capitalize on the power of the tiniest possible habits.


1. Tackling the tiniest of habits is the most achievable way to change patterns and structures which ultimately make up who we are – it’s also achievable to tweak or add a tiny behaviour into our routines.

2. Focusing on tiny habits leads to quickly taking action which grounds us in the present, making change sustainable because it’s easy to implement.

3. Setting up new or amended habits to connect with the dots of already existing things in our day creates a strategic and practical prompt that makes habits last.

READ IF: You are tired of failing to change, and if you’re ready for some down-to-earth, proven ways to lead yourself into sustainable change. Read if you’re beyond the latest fads in self-improvement, and if you want something that you can make work now.


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