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“Most of us go through life unaware of how our environment shapes our behavior. When we experience “road rage” on a crowded freeway, it’s not because we’re sociopathic monsters. It’s because the temporary condition of being behind the wheel in a car, surrounded by rude impatient drivers, triggers a change in our otherwise placid demeanour. We’ve unwittingly placed ourselves in an environment of impatience, competitiveness, and hostility—and it alters us.”

SUMMARY: The book addresses our inner and outer world triggers that lead us into both constructive and destructive behaviors. The author, Marshall Goldsmith, is a world renowned Executive Coach who brings deep insight as well as practical steps to correct destructive trigger patterns and to capitalize on constructive patterns.


1. Behaviors are dictated by situations or environments until we become conscious creators which we can do with this process of self-awareness: proving the trigger, seeing its significance, acknowledging its consequences, and seeing our triggered action.

2. Once we know our behaviors are destructive, we are still at risk of using our beliefs to rationalize and justify our way out of making beneficial changes.

3. We need to acknowledge the enormous challenges of changing our status quo, and of needing to fix the trigger while going through situations with triggers – that’s like fixing a plane while flying.

READ IF: You would like to get a more conscious handle on your habits, behaviors, or triggers. Read if you feel like you often “lose yourself” to the situation.


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