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What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School

“The best lesson anyone can learn from business school is an awareness of what it can’t teach you – all the ins and outs of everyday business life. Those ins and outs are largely a self-learning process, though the experience of someone like myself might make the learning shorter, easier and a lot less painful.”

SUMMARY: This book written by Mark McCormack, the internationally renowned founder of IMG (International Management Group) which is the number 1 sports corporation in the world, shares insightful lessons to business success. The book highlights the priceless significance of people skills as the sub-title aptly describes as "Notes from a Street-Smart Executive"


1. Take the time and interest to get to understand people. Understand the personality style, values, preferences, and opinions of those you work with. Respect that people are different and come with their unique issues. This will empower you to navigate communication effectively and appropriately. It will help you steer clear of people’s pet peeves or triggers.

2. Honor your intuitive sense of the sometimes unspoken hints that give you doubts. It is good to pause if you get a hunch particularly if the transaction, contract, or arrangement is significant. Not everything true is logical or seen, and your feelings are also a valid guide.

3. Integrate your personal well-being needs like recreation, exercise, and rest into you’re your regular routine to stay consistently centered – a game changer for high performers.

READ IF: You want the benefit of learning from the real life experience of a business guru that has done it all. Read if you want insightful business lessons that cannot be learnt academically.


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