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Who Moved My Cheese?

“They were becoming very comfortable now that they had found the Cheese. “This is great,” Hem said. “There’s enough Cheese here to last us forever.” The Little people felt happy and successful, and thought they were now secure.”

SUMMARY: The book is bestselling parable directed at leadership. It teaches the reader how to succeed in a world of inevitable change. Who Moved My Cheese helps dissolve fear of the unknown and encourages us to confidently explore ahead.


1. Change is inevitable – be careful not to get stuck on the same piece of success, lest you fall into a a rut or find yourself unable to adapt when change comes – enjoy it fully, but keep a flexible mindset.

2. Your energy is better spent moving forward and working towards your success instead of holding yourself back by overthinking or over complicating things.

3. Taking action dissolves fear and gives us faith that the next successful project is around the corner – the more we move ahead and overcome obstacles, the less power fear has over us as we build up resilience.

READ IF: You want to learn how to succeed despite uncertainty and change, or if you want to inspire your team to develop and succeed in inevitable changing times.


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