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Willpower Doesn’t Work

“Your behavior doesn’t come from your personality. Rather, your personality is shaped by your behavior. When you act a certain way, you then judge yourself based on your actions. Hence, you can quickly alter your identity simply by altering your behavior.”

The book explores self-discipline and why it is not enough to succeed if you want to live your life as a high-performing individual. Your environment and other factors play a big role in setting yourself up for success.


1) Willpower is like a muscle, you can strengthen it. That said, just like a muscle, when you over train it, it stops functioning. That's when most people quit.

2) Designing your environment so that it is free from distractions and anything else that could negatively impact your focus is important.

3) Separate space for work and for play. This makes it easier to transition from one to another. Easier said than done sometimes, but it is really impactful.

READ IF: You have already beaten yourself up for not having enough willpower and are ready for a new approach in order to become more productive.


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