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I Help Leaders

Scale Faster

COOs, Chiefs of Staff & CXOs work with me

to build their business bigger, stronger and faster 

I have spent over 25 years transforming businesses and executive teams by helping things happen faster, bigger and more systematically.

My experience is unparalleled - as a top tier strategy consultant; Google's Global Strategy Director & first Chief of Staff; SoftBank's COO; Interim COO in Series A-E scaleups; and Public company Board member.

Today I am based in London and help leaders across the UK, Europe, the MIddle East and North America set-up and evolve their scaling operations from Series A through to Post IPO growth.

Hi, I am Jonathan 'JB' Bullock

World Class COO, Chief-of-Staff & ScaleUp Coach

Jonathan Bullock JB Portrait


Executive Coaching

It is lonely in your role. Work with me as your thought-partner and personal confident to design the right solutions, make change happen, work through issues and help you become even more awesome!

Virtual Mentoring

Meet JB-AI, the digital doppelgänger of JB. His experiences and strategic mind transformed into code - mentoring wisdom, clever insights, plus Brit humor.  Your go-to AI guide for Ops advice.

Business Consulting

Don't reinvent the wheel, but instead use my playbooks to implement the strategy, OKR, operating system and GTM approaches I designed and ran at Google and have been now used countless times since.

Ready to speed-up your growth?

I Have Helped 100s of World-Class Executives Grow Faster


If you're a senior operator in a business with over 100 people and need to step-up your operational performance,
enhance your team's self-sufficiency, and streamline your path to success, let's talk about how I could help you.

Book a free discovery call and to discuss your #1 challenge and together develop a 3-step action plan to get you results fast.


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