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UK VCs -- the web's most complete uk startup investor analysis database

  • The web's most complete and searchable list of the 600 UK based venture capital firms

  • Each with a selection of quality and verified fields, including contact and social details

  • Complete analysis of VC portfolio, size, stage and sector of investments

  • Don't pay £50 or an ongoing subscription for this information that you can get here for free!!


Business Visions -- the web's most complete vision & mission database

  • A searchable spreadsheet with over 500 of the best real vision statements.

  • Includes all published vision statements from the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies.

  • Categorized into 18 major sectors, creating a definitive list of each industry's vision statements.

  • Helps inspire your leadership team with real examples from companies you  like... for free!


OKR Examples -- the web's biggest real-life objectives example database

  • Explore the largest searchable database of OKR examples on the web. 

  • Over 650 OKRs to inspire your own drafting process.

  • Diverse examples organized by different industries, departments and roles.

  • Helps to shortcut your OKR process, by giving people examples to follow... all for free!


KPI & NSMs -- the web's biggest free business metrics database

  • Includes over 200 North Star Metric examples, and 7,000 general KPIs.

  • Covers 16 functional areas, such as finance, sales, ops, HR, and product.

  • Also has 25 sectors-specific sets of metrics.

  • Don't pay big $$ for KPI databases or read 10s blogs to get NSMs -- get it here for free!


Fundraising Due Diligence FAQ -- the web's most complete set of questions

  • Structured and comprehensive list of all elements VCs consider during the DD.

  • These questions are what all Founders raising large $$ should be able to answer.

  • VCs have set questions they ask -- this is sourced from these secret tier 1 VCs DD question lists!

  • Help your Founder practice their pitches with a complete set of real VC questions... for free!


VC Due Diligence Checklist -- the web's most exhaustive investment preparation list

  • Getting organized with a good VC due diligence checklist makes sure no important steps are skipped.

  • All the reasonable requests for information that the VC deal team will send to the company are included.

  • Use this template as a starting point to keep everyone on the same page in a centralized, shared location.

  • Fast track the last painful and tricky mile of fundraising with this complete professional checklist... for free!


Want more?  Don't reinvent the wheel!  If you are a senior operator of a business with over 100 people contact me to get my classic templates covering Product Strategy, Planning, OKRs, Offsite & Staff Meetings, Weekly 121 Syncs, Levelling, Personal Development Plans, and much more.   

JB's Free Tools For Operators

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