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Funding Introduction


Fundraising Playbook Introduction

My friends!

We live in amazing and changing times, when the digitization of everything is enabling more and more free economy and entrepreneurship. This is great as it means more and more people can start-up a business; all you need is an idea, funding and the determination to do so. 

Sadly however, many wantrepreneurs, students, teachers, home-makers, charities and early-stage entrepreneurs cannot get access to the $1M plus level of investment available to later stage startups as the fundraising game is opaque and skewed to those that already know how to play it.

I came across this at the beginning of my career, and to express my gratitude to all the professionals who helped me realize my goals I wanted to give back and share openly with everyone my Fundraising Playbook. 

In the past only the handful of late stage founders, growth equity executives and innovative corporate leaders who I work with have seen this complete fundraising playbook.  Yeah, premium training for the folks at the top of the market with the big $$.   It is always the case that elite get the best information.  And that seemed like a waste and unfair. 

Now I suppose I could have put this all into a book (or three) and sold it on Amazon like everyone else would do… 

Or I could put it all behind some instagram-funnel-give-me-your-email-and-I-will-send-you-10-page-whitepaper-and-then-spam-you-death-to-upsell-more-junk game.  But that's lamo.  

So screw it.  Let’s just pay-it-forward and put it all online for everyone to read.  Boom all 1,700 slides free to view.  Plus the world's biggest pitch database (10,000+ slides).  For free.  Forever.  No emails.  No cost.

Now it doesn’t give you all the answers, but the wisdom of everyone who has contributed might spark some ideas for you!


Fundraising Fast-Forward

Not enough?  Wow, ok... you help people and they just want more.  ;-)

I spend almost all of my time building companies and working with great Executives; fundraising is more like something I do once in a while.  A side-gig, mainly so I can help entrepreneurs get the cash to work with me to build something super-cool.   However I am *always* being asked for advice, help, support, introductions and toolkits.  Ugh... ok, ok...

It doesn't seem to matter whether you are raising Series A, a growth equity round or preparing for a mega pre-IPO funding it always takes longer and is more painful than expected.  And everyone reinvents the wheel, or buys things from people that haven't actually been there, done it, and got the tshirt.

So in the spirit of scaling myself, helping those that want more, and keeping fundriasing to less than 5% of my worklife I have developed a 'Fast Forward' premium package.   

This 'Fast-Forward' set of tools, templates and short workshops is designed to help accelerate in further a number of deliverables needed for ambitious CEOs and founders to fundraise $1-300M.

Over three workshop sessions with me, and using world-class battle-tested sets of tools, templates and techniques learn how to fast-track your fundraise. 

But first read my main free Fundraise PlayBook.  You probably will find you don't need any more fundraising help and actually are better off spending any extra time and cash you have got on actually building a great business!



One small ask is that you do please do show me your support and encourage me to continue sharing more PlayBooks openly with you for free online -- part of me just thinks I should open up the whole lot... and yeah the ScaleUp system is about 3x the size of Fundraising.  One day maybe...

Anyway please do literally take 30 seconds to:

  • Let others know about me, and follow me on twitter (@josbullock) and instagram (@imjbeee)

  • Become a friend by signing up to my monthly-ish email (I only write it when I have something valuable to say, or release free playbooks)

  • Share any feedback you have that will make my PlayBooks better(I am always improving them based on this)

I am extremely grateful for your follow, friendship and feedback!

Peace out.  JB

An introduction to the internet's most comprehensive start-up fundraising guide book. From Jonathan Bullock, ex Google Chief of staff & SoftBank COO

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