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Top-Down Biz Case


Top-Down Investment Case

The top-down investment case is used to align everyone on the headline metrics and size of the fundraise.  It is the framework that defines the investment thesis logic, indicating the main levers behind the logic.  It focuses on the ‘what if’ not the ‘how’.  It is mainly financial in nature (i.e. does not link operational or customer metrics).  Getting the top-down investment case done well provides a great framework for the bottom-up financial model.

Key elements of the Premium PlayBook include:

  • Definition & Elements

  • Approach & Structure

  • Triangulation Logic

  • Board Management

  • Top Tips Advice

  • Market Sizing Guide

  • Pyramid Principle

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A guide on how to build a top-down investment case for your start-up including sizing the market and aligning your Board. From Jonathan Bullock, ex Google Chief of staff & SoftBank COO

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