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3 types of name creep your business may be suffering from

Naming things is probably one of the best parts of creating them. Most founders however enjoy naming so much that they can often get carried away with it.

Here are 3 types of name creep that should be avoided at all costs.

1) Naming product features like they are separate products.

Naming product features like they are separate products is confusing for your customers. If all the product features are available with a single purchase then they shouldn’t be separately named. Every effort should be made to simplify the purchasing decision, multiple names make the buying decision more complex.

2) Naming your company and product different things.

Keep it simple, naming your company and your product different things does nothing in the early stages to strengthen your brand but will double your marketing costs. Having to build awareness, reputation and trust around 2 brands instead of one is a wasted expense with no reward early on.

3) Amalgamating your company and product names.

This form of name creep is a combination of the 1st and 2nd. It involves naming your product with your company name followed by the product name. For example, your product names become “Company Name Product A” and “Company Name Product B”. The names themselves become redundant.

TAKEAWAY: While founders and product managers often enjoy naming things, they should always try to avoid these 3 types of naming creep. Excessive naming creates a headache for sales, marketing and most importantly your customers


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