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4 easy steps to hiring excellent personnel

I have found that many leaders understand the team they recruit will make or break their prospects of building a successful, profitable company.

It's important to remember that people will join your company because of you and your management team, not simply because of the technology you use or how fancy your workspace is.

However, while all leaders begin with the goal of bringing on top talent, there is often an issue when it comes to implementation. You may be too eager to get the recruitment process started and fail to consider how you'll find the top candidates.

If you want to get your recruitment right from the start, or if it's an area where you're not getting the results you want, take a look at the following tips:

Establish an employer brand image

Start thinking about your company as 'THE' place to work.

The first step in attracting the right talent is to create content for your website and social media that explains why individuals should work with you and your company.

Show empathy

Consider how much you're thinking about the individual you're hiring and what they care about. The amount of time you spend interviewing will show whether it's a two-way conversation.

Begin each interview by asking the applicant what questions they have and what they want to learn most about the company or job role.

Evaluate your hiring experience

Create a hiring process that is centred on the candidate.

Six-hour technical examinations, extensive jargon-filled job descriptions, a two-week wait between final interview and offer, and a sloppy induction procedure will cause you to lose outstanding employees.

Seek feedback

Finding exceptional individuals is complex. If someone is reluctant to join your company, I can assure you that your process somehow impacted their decision.

Ask the people who went through your hiring process where they had a positive or negative experience. Speak with reputable recruiters who will be able to provide you with information about the job market and what your competitors are doing.

TAKEAWAY: Rather than jumping right in and hoping for the best, prepare and reflect on your hiring approach. Show openness and integrity. Provide a welcoming environment for candidates and reflect on, learn from and enhance what you do by clearly expressing your culture and mission to potential employees.


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