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5 Operating principles to live by

How well do you and your team operate every day? If you are achieving some success then you are likely operating fairly efficiently. Have you ever considered though, codifying your way of working into an operating principle?.

In my experience defining a set of operating principles for your business or startup creates a consistency of understanding and expectation amongst your team.

Here are 5 operating principles ideas for you to consider.

Assume the best – Everyone is showing up every day as needed. Always start your interactions from a position of good intent, where everyone is there to succeed and achieve the best outcomes.

Be purposeful – Always lean towards action instead of inaction. Avoid being frozen with indecision and take informed and considered steps towards achieving your objectives. Always be quick to recognise if what your doing isn’t working and change directions. Every day should be a step towards your goals and an opportunity for everyone to be better than they were.

Debate fiercely and then agree – Everyone should be encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas freely and fiercely. If people disagree they have a responsibility to speak their mind but once a decision is made they have a responsibility to get behind the decision and support it to succeed.

Commit Completely – The opportunity in front of you and your team is significant. Therefore, this opportunity is worthy of your 100% commitment. Every day, everyone needs to give all they can to achieve the objectives.

Do what you promise – Promises and commitments need to be respected and worth something. Commitments should not be made without a determination to see them through. If a promise is made to other employees, stakeholders or customers then it needs to be seen through.

While usually unspoken, operating principles benefit from being documented, communicated and understood. Doing this will ensure when times get tough or deadlines are looming everyone keeps working and operating with the right intent. Are there any other operating principles that you would add?


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