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Create an engaging presentation with these 6 steps

Presenting can be a daunting proposition, especially for those who don’t do it regularly. It can be difficult to get your timing and content right especially if it is a longer format. You do want your presentation to be too short or too long, or too deep or shallow into the topic than what the audience expects. Here are 6 steps that will help you create an engaging presentation that is just the right length.

Start with a strong topic

You have no doubt been asked to speak because of your expertise in a particular field or profession. It is unlikely, however, that you could cover everything you know in a single presentation and not should you try to. You need to select a topic within your expertise that is topical and relevant to the audience but also gives you enough content.

Give the audience what they want.

When starting to write and structure your presentation start from the position of the audience. Who are they and what do you think they would like to know. Too many presenters say what they want to talk about rather than what the audience wants to hear about. A great way to achieve this is to write out the questions you think the audience might ask about the topic and then answer them throughout your presentation.

Fill in the gaps with research

Any questions you don’t have the answer to, do some research and include that research in your presentation.

Create your slide deck

When it comes to creating your slide deck there are two main rules. Each new topic should have its own slide and start with just plain text on each slide then iterate improvements with visuals and styling etc.

Refine your timing.

With your script and slide deck starting to take shape it is time to start rehearsing. Make sure you speak slowly, time yourself and add or remove content to get your timing just right. You also need to leave time at the end for your audience to ask questions.

Polish everything

Polish, polish and polish. Keep improving your slides and your script until everything looks and sounds great. By the end, your slides should be visually engaging and meaningful while your speech should sound polished, and confident but not scripted or rehearsed.

If you’re daunted by the thought of presenting or perhaps just looking for ideas to do it better. Then following these 6 steps will help lift your presentations from mediocre to mesmerising.


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