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How to create an unforgettable customer experience

Customers should be the lifeblood of your organisation, and your overall customer experience should be outstanding. However, many organisations fall victim to several myths about customer experience and why they can’t do it right from the beginning.

Let's look at why you need to focus on customer experience while dispelling some of the myths around it.

Myth 1: It is too expensive to provide a great customer experience

Improving customer experience is unlikely to be free, but inaction has a cost as well. If a customer is dissatisfied, what additional costs are incurred in addressing a complaint? What is the opportunity cost of losing that customer, of negative publicity or word of mouth? These costs must be equally considered.

Myth 2: Customers want your product or service as quickly as possible for the cheapest price

This myth is centred around the common confusion around price and value. Customers do not want the cheapest price, they want the best value.

Another misunderstanding that feeds this myth is that the relationship between customer experience and their happiness is linear. The truth is that a range of experiences will deliver the same level of happiness for your customers. The trick is designing the right experience.

Myth 3: We can worry about customer experience in the future

It is well known that customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition. So, the real question is how can you not afford to provide a customer experience that has people coming back for more? Leaving customer experience until later will limit your company’s growth.

TAKEAWAY: Creating an unforgettable customer experience should be the focus of every organisation. Dispelling these three common myths will mean happier customers and higher customer retention, resulting in lower costs.


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