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How to simply describe your product

Have you ever heard the expression if you can’t explain something simply then you don’t truly understand it. This applies accurately when you are trying to describe or sell your product. Being able to succinctly explain your product is an important skill. As a founder or leader you are an important promoter of your product, if you can’t explain it then how will anyone else.

You need a one-sentence pitch.

Some one-sentence product pitches though are much more successful than others. In my experience, the key to a one-sentence pitch is for it to include or describe your key feature. With only one sentence this can be a challenge. Many successful startups and their founders best do this by using the format of input and output. Simply put the user does this and they get this back. There is no simpler way to do it. So, how do you identify what your key or lead feature is?

How do you define your key feature?

Your product likely has many great features and benefits for your customers, these will all be related and appear of equal importance. The way to identify your key feature is by putting yourself in the user’s chair. As they are using your product what is the first feature they encounter that is extremely beneficial to them but also unique to your product. That is your key feature.

In my experience most tech products / services can be explained succinctly, using this method. However, if yours is the exception and you can’t explain it simply then this type of marketing won’t work for you. This is because if you can explain it simply then no one will.

TAKEAWAY: Having a short but meaningful description of your product is more important than you probably think. In my experience, all the great, successful startups have done this so it is safe to assume there may be at least some correlation to achieving success.


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