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Quick guide to creating a compelling vision

When you ask a founder to tell you about their vision for the startup you hope to receive something more than just fluffy empty words.

What you want is a compelling vision, that makes you feel what they feel, and that inspires you to join with them in their journey.

If you want to know how to create a compelling business vision then read on.

Identify current trends

The best visionaries are those who have a thorough understanding of current trends and imagine where those trends will lead in the future. By doing this, these visionaries can identify the needs of future customers before those customers even exist. The key then is to identify the right moment to capitalise on those trends.

Crafting your vision statement

Your vision statement should be a well-structured short paragraph that conveys a positive prediction of what the future could be. Some of the elements that can be included in the vision statement are:

  • Recent industry milestones or developing trends.

  • Market segment size and future growth potential in the market.

  • Inspiring outcomes for your customers with minimal user input.

  • Useful comparisons or metaphors.

  • Injustices that currently exist.

Ultimately the exact words of your vision are up to you. However, make sure it is a vision that is focused on the future or compares what is now to what could be.

TAKEAWAY: Visions are important because people connect with emotion. Visions inspire and motivate people to take action, investors to make investments and customers to make a purchase. As a founder creating a well-crafted vision statement is worthy of your time.


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