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Why you need to make yourself available to boost your sales

Work-life balance is once again the topic of conversation. With people seeking a much heavier weighting on the life more so than the work. It can be challenging though to achieve this. Especially, if you are in a professional role switching off at the end of the day can be extremely difficult. Especially in the new world of working from home where a lot of professionals have their work at home with them all the time.

Unfortunately, as a salesperson, pursuing a work-life balance could be costing you sales.

I have been there before myself. Working long days and nights, missing out on family experiences to pursue that next lead. No one wants to live like that, and I am not suggesting you should. Even salespeople should work reasonable hours and switch off when they are not working.

However, if you want to boost your sales then you need to at least be available when you are needed by your prospects.

There is a very simple reason for this. If your prospects and customers are calling you then there is a very good chance that they are looking to buy. If you don’t take that call or make yourself available, then you risk the lead going cold or them going to a competitor. So, strike while the iron is hot and take that after-hours call.

TAKEWAY: Once you finish for the day as a salesperson you should switch off and not think about work, unless of course, the phone rings. Then for that brief period make yourself available to your customers and prospects and watch your sales climb.


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