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3 quick tips to hold better meetings

We've all been to meetings that go on forever, individuals who keep rambling, schedules prepared on the back of a napkin or even at a moment’s notice.

Set an agenda

Although it may be an obvious necessity, many meetings begin without a particular goal. The agenda for the meeting can be outlined on a presentation, written on a board, or spoken openly at the beginning. Still, everyone should understand why they've assembled and what they're meant to achieve.

Start and end on time

Of course, time is money, and waiting for the boss to come is wasted. Ending on time is just as important as beginning on time. A fixed finish time will help guarantee that you finish discussing your agenda and let employees return to their work.

Conclude with actionable steps

Leave a few minutes at each meeting to discuss the subsequent actions. This conversation should involve determining who is accountable for what and establishing timelines. Otherwise, all of your efforts at the conference would be in vain.

TAKEAWAY: Communication and expectations are the key to productive meetings. Ask for feedback from your staff, be receptive to recommendations, and decide what they think rather than how you believe. You’re on the correct trajectory if your team feels engaged and effective.


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