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4 business transformation truths all leaders need to know

Change is unavoidable, regardless of your level of leadership, your business, or the economic or social situation in which you find yourself.

The pandemic and economic crisis has highlighted some fundamental truths about transformative leadership that are amplified when there is turmoil or ambiguity.

1. Change requires leaders to take the lead

There are few organisational changes that do not affect leadership. Change generally begins at the top and works its way down. This suggests that leaders who are spearheading change must also adapt and evolve. However, change is even more challenging for a leader when it's not their choice.

2. Change requires leaders to empathise with their team's concerns

Change can be challenging for the people we lead. Empathy is a crucial leadership trait; without it, even the most influential people are helpless. It makes leaders more relatable and their leadership more effective. This may involve coming up with a new approach to something you've been doing for a long time, or it could be thinking about something in a way you never have before.

3. Leaders must communicate clearly to effect change

Even though circumstances can be ambiguous, a leader must communicate clearly. Clarity breeds confidence. We must inform our people what is driving the transformation and why change is essential. Transparency does not imply knowing all the answers. A leader can still communicate well and gain the confidence of their team even if they don't have all the answers.

4. Leaders must filter criticism to effect change

I'm not suggesting 'ignoring' criticism, just recognising the difference between constructive criticism and baseless criticism. As much as I wish I could disregard criticism, a great leader recognises that some feedback is incredibly useful. Even if it is not conveyed well, the criticism might include opportunities for improvement. We must be humble enough to accept criticism while being strong enough to let go of critical people.

TAKEAWAY: When we successfully lead teams into a season of change, keeping these four truths front of mind will help you experience increased camaraderie, a better basis for future change and a greater feeling of achievement.


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