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4 tips for helping your team become more high-performance

High performers take the initiative, are focused on quality and get things done.

It's your mission as a leader to help your team members to all become more high-performing. Your goal should be to inspire your staff to consistently outperform the average worker, continually achieve their objectives, and strive for more.

If you want to increase the number of high-performing team in your organisation - and who doesn’t? - try these four tips as a starting point.

Identify the areas that need to be improved

What is preventing this person from achieving more success? Identify the gap and communicate it directly and respectfully. High performers are typically conscious of their shortcomings, but middle and low performers are often unaware. Everyone benefits from constructive advice on how to move up the performance scale.

Create a mentoring programme

Personal growth is a team effort. As a leader, your aim is to inspire your people to find the perfect mentor for the best results. An ideal mentor is not always a member of senior management; they could even be at the same organisational level.

Train them for potential future opportunities

Assess what actions the individual could take to improve in a given area. This is a great way for leaders to contribute to current and future areas of improvement. It also ensures you are part of the solution when it comes to acknowledging progress and achievements.

A good leader invests time in their people and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Show them what high performers look like

I frequently encourage low and middle performers to shadow a high performer and explore the qualities that make this person so productive. This raises the bar for mentoring relationships. High performers set an excellent example for others to follow.

Remember, not everyone will become a star performer. That's fine. But they can't remain mediocre or just coast along. Your organisation will be average if every team member is average and just comfortable not stretching themselves. A winning team isn't made up of just one or two top players.

TAKEAWAY: The greatest teams have a mix of top, medium and poor performers. Take the time to invest in yourself and your team members. Be the leader your team needs.


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