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4 ways of fostering a positive sense of urgency in the workplace

Social separation has been the most essential, and perhaps most successful, response to the pandemic. Amid the worldwide medical emergency, our workplaces have also seen substantial changes, with many businesses shifting their activities online.

However, a virtual office comes with a unique set of obstacles. Without direct supervision, project timetables can get hazy, business operations can slow down, and staff and managers may become concerned that objectives won't be met.

Let's look at a few ideas for keeping a remote workforce functioning smoothly without creating undue stress for yourself or your people through unnecessary expectations.

1. Stick to transparent timelines

Declaring project milestones at a meeting, posting them on a virtual project board, or publishing them in a group chat space can motivate your team to reach their objectives since they will be held accountable to a broader number of people.

2. Create a plan for the day

The more 'free' time you and your team have, the less work you are likely to do. For example, if you look ahead at your day and see no meetings, presentations, business calls or project updates, you will most likely feel as if you have all the time in the world to complete your chores and will be more inclined to take things slowly.

3. Set stricter deadlines

Splitting a huge piece of work into smaller segments and establishing shorter deadlines for each job's milestones can really help you to get more done. You'll be able to keep tabs on the project's development and make any necessary changes to the timeframe along the way.

4. Request updates

You can help sluggish staff to work faster without causing them undue stress. It can be pretty effective to request a progress update for an assignment 24 hours before the deadline. This can act as a gentle reminder to the team member that you expect to see results by the deadline while simultaneously instilling a sense of urgency that will encourage that individual to complete the project at hand as quickly as possible.

TAKEAWAY: I believe that the tactics outlined above will assist you and your team in creating a healthy, productive work structure and a secure, cooperative working environment – even in a purely digital space.


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