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4 ways to strengthen your mind

The decade began with everyone battling the 'new normal' brought about by the global pandemic.

In the beginning, we just got on with things as best we could, but after a few months, mental tiredness crept in and new problems appeared. We're still adjusting to the change in circumstances, and even the most capable leaders can become exhausted. We need to be at our best as leaders amid the worst of circumstances, and we all like to think we're capable of that, but it requires a great deal of mental fortitude.

The new situation in which we find ourselves, compared to early 2020, requires a new degree of mental endurance. As leaders, we need to look after ourselves before we can effectively mobilise others. Here are four ways to increase your mental strength:

Be decisive, but don't feel pressured to make every decision

Decisions can become increasingly difficult in challenging circumstances. Prioritise urgent ones, and file away less pressing ones for a quieter time.

Unplug when you need to

Be aware of what you're watching, listening to and reading. Take a break and connect with something that will refresh you rather than exhaust you. Limiting your exposure to negative elements can greatly improve your overall well-being.

Don't put off making decisions

When we procrastinate, we create more problems. Decisions become more challenging, and we feel more mental fatigue. One of the reasons many people delay making a decision is a fear of making the wrong one. Maybe you're terrified of failure, or even of the implications of success, or you may be concerned about what others may think of you. Perfectionism could be impeding your progress.

As leaders, we know what has to be done, but since most of our decisions affect others, we frequently postpone them. However, postponing the unavoidable rarely benefits anyone concerned.

Get out there and do something

Physical activity is one of the simplest ways I've found to keep mentally healthy or replenish fading mental strength. Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress. Take a stroll or jog, do some yoga, or ride your bike. Any physical activity works, and the more fit and healthy you become, the more mentally resilient you'll feel.

TAKEAWAY: Training your mind to be stronger, more resilient and more flexible will improve your mental health and help you feel relaxed and focused. Try out some of my tips, and you may find becoming more mentally healthy an enjoyable experience.


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