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5 benefits of employee empowerment

Being a leader involves helping people carry out their duties without continually micromanaging them. When employees can work autonomously, leaders have more time to focus on strategic decisions. While not identical, the concepts of empowerment and working independently are related. When you empower your staff, you offer them the freedom to make decisions without you looking over their shoulder.

Here are five benefits of employee empowerment for the employee and your organisation.

1. Improved problem-solving

There is nothing more frustrating than having to keep referring to someone higher up the chain of command when making a decision. Things move faster when a team member has the resources and authority to do a task without waiting for countless approvals.

2. High-quality customer service

Customers like interacting with someone who can complete a task for them. Job empowerment allows employees to create specific agreements, grant discounts at their discretion and provide other customer support assistance, which leads to happier clients.

3. Enhanced systems and processes

Employees who are empowered are free to ask questions about any area of their employment. If there's no employee engagement, staff never question outdated or faulty processes.

4. Accountability in the workplace

When you give an employee the authority to make judgments and carry out tasks, you're showing them that you believe they are knowledgeable and capable of handling the situation. When an employee knows that their leader believes in their capacity to succeed, they are more likely to embrace the responsibility and complete a task to the best of their ability.

5. Positive work environment

Empowerment contributes to a positive atmosphere, favourable to optimal production. You may have a small crew with minimal resources. Make them count. Each empowered employee is worth 10 distracted, disinterested ones, and the good, open work culture you're fostering will enable everyone to do fantastic work.

Empowering your staff rather than micromanaging them increases their responsibility, boosts job satisfaction and frees you up to handle more strategic issues.

TAKEAWAY: An empowered employee is more likely to make good decisions, do their job to the best of their ability, and make the necessary changes to optimise a process, thereby improving the overall system. Employees who are empowered understand that their leaders value innovative solutions that boost productivity.


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