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5 indicators of a strongly engaged team

Every leader worth their salt strives for an engaged team. It takes a lot of time and focus, but it's worth it. What's more, team engagement has become far more crucial yet challenging during this age of lockdowns and remote working.

Teams with high levels of engagement go above and beyond. They frequently make the difference between success and failure on a task or even at a business level.

But how can you tell if your team is as motivated as they could be, and what does a team with high levels of engagement look like?

Here are five indicators that your employees are highly motivated:

1. They maintain a positive attitude

A team's attitude tells you all you need to know about their motivation: how they react when faced with a difficult situation; how they behave when things go wrong. Engaged teams understand that they will succeed regardless of the obstacles; they welcome the challenge and show ambition, often even urging their leader to be more daring.

2. They show interest

It's difficult to fake excitement, and it's a great sign of involvement. The more enthusiastic your people are, the more engaged they are. It's also important to remember that excitement is contagious, and it frequently begins with leadership.

3. They take the lead

Highly engaged teams will wow you by showing what they can do without being prompted, particularly if encouraged. When you show them the vision, they will seek out new methods to help the team work towards it.

4. They have high intensity

Your team has incredible energy and excitement if they can work late into the evening yet seem enthusiastic the next day. Teams eager for achievement will experience a second wind and keep pushing, but we must take care of them so they don't burn out. Their attitude shows impressive commitment, and we must ensure that we conserve that energy for when it is genuinely required.

5. They demonstrate a desire to learn

Teams that are allowed to improve become more involved, and engaged teams are more likely to acquire new abilities, especially if it moves the team closer to the objective. The more growth chances you provide, the more engaged and committed your people will be.

TAKEAWAY: Highly engaged teams can make or break a business. Be aware of the signs of a motivated, engaged team and if your people aren't showing these, make some changes. It could be the best thing you ever do for your company!

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