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5 traits for managing change effectively

Let's be honest: none of us were remotely prepared to handle a pandemic, which threw us all into unfamiliar territory.

Individuals and teams are left unsettled by change, yet managing it is an essential element of leadership, whether we're leading a whole business through change or mentoring a staff member. As I've led people and organisations through many periods of transformation, I've learned to embrace five traits that have helped me influence successful change.

1. Get ready to lead confidently

Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to lead. You must present a clear, confident roadmap for transformation. Your confidence stems from the intentional approach you've committed to. Now begin to drive change with clarity of purpose, vision and decisive action.

2. Perform a thorough evaluation

It's easy to make impulsive decisions or implement rapid adjustments. Step back and take a moment to assess the situation from all perspectives. Seek strong guidance from individuals who've already either led through something similar or can contribute a beneficial viewpoint to your assessment process.

3. Pay close attention

When change is on the horizon, we can be inclined to either ignore it until we are forced to make a decision or hurry to get it over with as quickly as possible. Either extreme takes away your ability to listen attentively. Listening allows you to gain perspective, which will help you manage change in a considered, effective way.

4. Make a deliberate decision

When it's time to decide how to navigate the process of change, consider all you've learned so far and make a thoughtful, clear decision on how to proceed.

5. Ask lots of questions

Begin by asking many questions. Whether you're new to an organisation, starting a new project or responding to external circumstances requiring change, asking more questions is critical. It will help you learn essential information, understand the problem better and make an informed decision.

TAKEAWAY: Respect those you lead by paying attention and evaluating before driving change. This approach teaches you to be an aware, compassionate leader who instils trust and confidence in all involved.


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